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Skin Itching At Night Feels Disturbing, This Is The Solution

Itching can occur at any time, including at night. Skin itching that occurs at night can interfere with sleep and is more at risk for excessive scratching. Come on, find out the causes and how to overcome them. Generally, itchy skin at night is caused by dry skin and changes in body temperature at night. In addition, itchy skin at night can also be caused by psoriasis, eczema, and insect bites, such as mites and bed bugs How to Overcome Skin Itching at Night Even though your skin feels itchy, try not to scratch it. Scratching itchy skin can actually cause skin to become irritated. To prevent you from scratching your skin while sleeping, you can use gloves. Also don't forget to cut your nails before going to sleep. If your skin feels very itchy, you can pat the skin gently, until the itching subsides. If itchy skin at night is still annoying, you can try to overcome it in the following ways: 1. Keep the room temperature cool Room temperature that is too hot can make you fee
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6 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy for Mothers Who Have Miscarried

Pregnant women who previously suffered a miscarriage, are likely to feel more tense when pregnant again. This can be caused by fear of miscarriage again. However, pregnant women do not need to worry. There are several ways that pregnant women can do to undergo a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage, you know. The exact cause of a miscarriage is often difficult to determine. However, there are several factors that make pregnant women more at risk of miscarriage, including obesity, an unhealthy lifestyle, and the presence of certain diseases. Tips for Maintaining Pregnancy after Miscarriage Ideally, women who have had a miscarriage are advised to see a gynecologist before re-starting the pregnancy program. That way, doctors can find out the cause of the miscarriage and provide the treatment needed to make the next pregnancy run safer. Although miscarriages generally only occur once, it is also possible that miscarriages can occur in subsequent pregnancies. To prevent this, there

Pregnant Women, This Way Can Help Overcome and Prevent Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are one of the complaints that are usually felt by pregnant women, especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. However, do not worry because there are ways you can do to prevent and overcome it. Leg cramps will cause discomfort. Not infrequently this also causes Bumil to be not free to carry out daily activities. How to Overcome Leg Cramps Leg cramps during pregnancy are usually caused by an increase in hormones which results in a buildup of body fluids. Due to the influence of gravity, the liquid will collect in the legs, so the feet experience swelling. This condition can make pregnant women prone to leg cramps. Apart from fluid buildup, leg cramps during pregnancy can also be caused by weight gain. There are several ways you can do to relieve leg cramps, namely: Stretch Stretch by stretching your legs slowly. This may initially make the feet hurt. But not long after that, cramps that Bumil feels will decrease. In addition, pregnant women can al